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The Lord is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

It is the Feast of Easter, or more accurately, it is the Feast of the Resurrection and thie world from that day 2000 years ago will never be the same. Transformation and glorification and restoration have begun! A new race of humanity has begun. The lost ones, who sought for an answer have been found. They have been restored and even recreated into the image of a Father who we call God. They have been adopted into a Family with an elder brother named Jesus and filled with an inner Presence of God called Holy Spirit. It is this Holy Spirit who begins the process of transformation into the image of God for those who receive Him.

The war is not over. The only play left in the playbook of Evil is the destruction of those for whom Jesus died. It may look at times as though Evil is winning and the world and humanity get worse and worse. However, the battle will continue until the ultimate conclusion of God’s plan on the earth. As heaven invaded earth at the Incarnation in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary so Life has invaded Death’s territory and is supplanting it, Humanity’s ultimate fear, death, has lost its power for those who embrace its remedy. We celebrate for 50 days this event that has shaken the world and split time into BC and AD. The remedy to death has been won for those who will receive and apply it.

Christ Jesus is alive! We share in His victory and God has swept up humanity into the Divine family. When Jesus arose, we rose with Him. It is the feast of God’s victory and ours. Now nothing is the same and our eternal life has begun for as Jesus said: “the kingdom of God is within you!” (Luke 17:21) As we grow more and more in God’s image, we become more and more like Jesus for the Holy Spirit is leading us into all Truth. (John 16:13) In this state now all of the promises of Holy Scripture are possible for us. Our challenge? To believe. Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

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