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Anglicanism 7.0:   A   balanced  adaptable  and inclusive  Christian  witness.

In Biblical numerology, the number seven is the number of perfection or completeness. Anglicanism was born first from a Celtic and early British missionary effort during the time of the New Testament writers.  Anglican Christians have the wealth of the Ancient Church but also the freedom to exercise conscience within the confines of  what is often called the Vincentian Canon which reads: "that Faith which has been believed everywhere, always, by all".  It comes from The Commonitory (ch. 2) by Vincent of Lérins. 

Anglicans bother some other Christian traditions in our willingness to live within the ambiguities of the Faith. We realize that God is often more patient than the Church is in learning the standards that God wants for us to observe. We remain weak and sinful humans even after Christ has set us free! We are creedal Christians who stand by Scripture where it is absolute and perhaps more ambiguous where it is ambiguous.  Anglicans tend to have few "Church Laws" where we seek to help the Holy Spirit to bring people to Jesus" and then allow the Holy Spirit to work within the believer towards how that faith they have embraced affects their actions within.  Perfect? Hardly, however growing in our maturity we believe that Holy Spirit can use us more readily if we are humble and leave judgment up to God, whose right alone it is. Rarely have we found it necessary to apply "church discipline."  Before Jesus ascended to heaven He promised to send Holy Spirit who would: " (John 19:13) Would we want to be a person who in our pride closes the door to another person meeting the Savior?  Hardly. We welcome questions and allow you to become a part of the community before you solidify your beliefs. Come learn of Jesus who has changed our lives and compels us with an everlasting love. 

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