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The Vision

for the

New Faith Community

What will you find at Restoration Point Fellowship

Something Exciting and New 

  • People who are receiving you home to the family of God

  • God is Father who is seeking you, not a god whose good grace you have to earn.

  • Acceptance without judgment where you are on the journey of life.

  • The Words of Jesus, the Way of Jesus, the People of Jesus

  • Holy Spirit’s presence to heal and love you into God

  • Teaching from the Bible that is loving and positive.

  • Living Tradition Ancient and Modern, the beauty of holiness and the joy of Holy Spirit in a blend both a sacred encounter and the intimacy of Jesus alone.

  • Nurturing so that you can be all God made you to be.

  • Unity around the Lord’s Table fed as the Lord meets each of us where we are.

  • The quiet and confidence that gives God’s peace

  • The Joy of the Good News that Jesus brings into the human heart.

  • A place where very member is a minister of the good God has done in me.


Body-Mission and


Proposed  In-reach :

              The “business” of Church

  • Administration – Staff and Vestry -

  • Small Group Cell Group Ministries -

  • Bible Study and Reflection

  • Adult Education -

  • Youth and Child Education -

  • Youth Ministry -

  • Music & Worship -

  • Pastoral Care -

  • Discipleship -

  • Bread Ministry -   

  • Newcomers’ Ministry

  • Evening encounters,

  • Visitor Sponsors,

  • Membership Sponsorship;

restoration frantsysk_07bc.jpg

Proposed outreach

  • Evangelism

  • Showing people we care before telling them what we know.

  • Youth Mentoring - Young men

  • Youth Mentoring - Young women

  • Twelve Step Spiritualities

  • ALF Outreach

  • Feeding Ministry

  • Homeless Ministry

  • Kairos Jail and Prison Ministries

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Parish Nurse Ministry

  • In Touch Ministries

  • Stephens’ Ministries,

  • Shut in Ministries,

  • Eucharistic Visitor Ministry

  • Neighborhood Outreach

  • Renewal Ministries - Cursillo?

  • Whatever else God wants ?????

Wisdom God in the storm 6814502670_n.jpg

 For God's Glory and

Neighbors' good

The Church is the only organization (to my knowledge) that exists for those who are not yeat a part of it. I have a dream since my youth, tempered and informed by years of church ministry, growth in faith and maturity to found such a Church Family.  What is your dream?  God has a dream for each of us.  Could He be calling you  to share in this dream?  You are invited, in the Name  of Jesus to come and share in the work of the gospel and God's Churc  at Restoration Pointe. The welcome mat is out but the choice is yours.  Come...

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What is Anglicanism?

  • What is the Church from the Bible?

  • How did the Bible come to us?

  • What is the gospel and salvation?

  • Church History (brief)

  • Anglican History.

  • Authority in the Churches.

  • Sacraments and Ordinances

  • Signs and Symbol

  • The history of liturgy (how different expression of the faith put together their worship.

  • Who are we in Christ Jesus?

  • The Koinonia

  • The mission of the Church.

  • Apostolic Ministry

  • Where do we go from here?

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