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Rebirth of Hope in Dying Secular Hopelessness

September 2021 + After the Co-Vid death (like the Black Death in the Middle Ages) we have come face to face with stark reality--life is short and death is an ever-present realty. People are frightened, people are angry at their own mortality, some want the world to come and fix it. Some realize that the world may not have the best of intentions. I remember a parody of the first of the Four Spiritual Laws which reads: "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life". The parody? "God loves you and everyone else has a wonderful plan for your life." I had a vision and a hope when I was young, in my twenties, and it has never quite died even through my thirty years in parish ministry. The first wave of hope was dashed by the advent of pestilence, the CoVid virus, so called. Now, a new time of hope is forced upon me. Again a vision of grace when the world has grown ever darker and the historic churches are still languishing. Restoration Pointe again will arise to give historic Christians and non-Christians a place to find restoration in Jesus, the founder of all human restoration. Praying for co-workers to pray, study Scripture, see guidance, live in rejoicing and promise in the Pooler, Port Wentworth areas of suburban Savannah. I am not wedded to a rigid conformity of ritual or music as all of these have their place. I am wedded to a proclamation of the Good News of God in Christ Jesus, the practice of the sacraments and the fellowship of unconditional love in Jesus.. Please call if you would share. I am very open to the type of evangelism that the early Church knew and the reality of Jesus in the Marketplace through such things as "Theology on Tap". Jesus is the only answer to what we see tearing the world apart. You may reach me in Savannah. Let's talk. I had dropped the local phone line since CoVid came but my personal phone is 781-724-1650. God bless you! Pastor Rob Bagwell+ Priest

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