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The God of Jesus in Our Dreams

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Have you ever noticed how many times the Scriptures say that God came to one person or another in their dreams. Genesis begins when God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and while that dream was being accomplished God took one of the ribs in the person God had already created and from that same fundamental person created another so that the first woman was made from the first man. From this we come to know that we are part one of the other. From this one action, the human race became one in origin. It does not take away from our individuality,but it does convey that we are one race, one people and that at least genetically we are all related. As there is a "One-ness" to God there is also a one-ness to humanity. This is the teaching of Scripture, and although since sin entered into the world, there has come self-woshp, selfishness and self-exaltation, the same God made us all and it is only "SIN" and "Satan" that instituted division in all of its forms. This does not mean that we are all alike. The idea is absurd. But as from the begnning he made us genetically family, even with the introduction of division into the human condition God still desired that we be one as the members of the Trinity are one. so God desired that humanity be One with the Trinity. Sadly, the "devil" entered the scene and with the naive mind of our first parents, Devil means "division" and division entered our hearts, our humanity and our world. We are divided from God, our neighbors and ourselves (for which modern psychiatry is the beneficiary). It is the God of Jesus, the God of our dreams and longings that is seeking to restore our oneness with the Father, with one another and dare I say it, ourselves. Part of the dream of Restoration Pointe congregation, fellowship, family is to assist in that Divine act of restoration. This has always been our charge from Jesus, but we have allowed ourselves to get in the way. From the toddler in the crib to the most powerful person on earth (we may consider that to be ourselves in our more foolish moments) we have what Father Martin Luther once called a "radical self centeredness. He called it original sin but whatever it is called it is the most powerful force for evil on planet earth. What we also know is that it leaves broken people in it diseased wake. Our dream along with that which Jesus prayed for in the gospel of John chapter 17 is that in the forgiveness, the purchase of our pardon for our sins and with our restoration to the state of sinlessness by the blood of Messiah Jesus, we be made whole. Let us remember this all in our living what "Jesus would do" in this earth, our temporary home, till Jesus takes us home.

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